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Creator and digital creatures

Adopting the Creator’s perspective, this space is designed to enable an integrated observation of three works of art: the digital version of “The Deities of Mountains and Seas” by HAN Xiao, as the Pre-Metaverse Space-Time; “Creator in the Temporal Dimension” by XUE Lei and Professor FENG Xiaoming, a chiral molecular scientist, as a portrayal of the space-time in Eden; the NFT project “Bondbomb” (Man-Machine Complicity that allows the audience to partake in recreation in a decentralized network), meanwhile, shows our current space-time. 

We hope to show a perspective of multiple dimensions. Through an interactive system, the audience experience the future social form (Metaverse) as an integration of virtuality and reality, where the Dao (the Path or the Way) is decentralized.

Curator : Xue Lei
Artist : Xue Lei, Han Xiao

Live photos