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巫法巫天 Witching Hour1
Location: 106-L-92

witching hour

In the Neolithic Age, when the Bering Land Bridge was not yet submerged by the sea, shamanic beliefs spread to every continent in the northern hemisphere with the migration of human civilization at its early stage. In face of an unknown world, shamans and wizards became the medium of communication between our bewildered ancestors and all things in heaven and earth. Across continents, the ancestors submitted to the power of shamans, thirsted for their magical healing power, eager to see through the eyes of shamans, and in the shamanic rituals , music, dancing, painting and literature were born. In present days, the order that is familiar to us is gradually disappearing, and a great uncertainty is pending overhead. The tools of reason are failing. Colliding points of view become dividing walls. Does what once mattered still matter? Are we lucky or are we unlucky? The spiritual world returns to the wilderness, and the shaman reappears under a new mask, hiding behind the chaos and pulling the invisible strings.

3D visual Artist