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Location: 106-L-17

warm ice

1 “Warm Ice”

In recent years, environmental protection has attracted more and more attention from society. At the beginning of 2019, I saw a photo of a polar bear. As the living environment becomes more and more dangerous due to global warming, it looks desperate and lonely… Since then, it has become an invisible companion for the whole year of work. In early summer, I observed polar bears at the Beijing Zoo, watching him walk and take a nap. The artist should be more sensitive, and I couldn’t ignore him. I couldn’t hold it any longer, and finally completed the work “Warm Ice” at the end of the year. In the work, he was breathing heavily when he took a nap. The picture was still in front of me, and I was experiencing his feelings…

Ye Lan
Yelan began studying ink and mineral color painting in middle school while also receiving a weste...