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Location: L2-C-07

Virtual assembly of jewelry

The purpose of virtual jewelry assembly is to explore how jewelry can be created and expressed in virtual digital space. The digital design 3D software is used for object image construction, and the model is placed in the virtual engine for space scene construction and path planning. The interactive mode is set through the programming language to better serve the three-dimensional expression of the concept of art jewelry. The corresponding sound effects and music are introduced to realize the expression of multi-dimensional spatial artistic conception of vision and hearing. It realizes a new mode of digital virtual art jewelry creation. It expands the creative media and application context of art jewelry, and increases the characteristics of immersive art and the interactive attribute of works.

The work explores the inner world of people through virtual reality technology. In the process of the material dissolution of jewelry noumenon, the connection between jewelry and people becomes more and more subtle, and the reconstructed connection appears in the viewer’s field of vision in a new spatial form. Jewelry touches the viewer with its more pure spiritual noumenon on the other side. From the materiality of the jewelry itself to the spiritual exploration of the oath and belief it carries, I hope to give the viewer more thinking. The work mainly selects jewelry elements for spatial construction, mainly focusing on rings, necklaces, diamonds, pearls and so on. As the most typical way of wearing, rings and necklaces are very representative jewelry symbols. Although a ring is very small, it has a perfect balance with the structure of the body. Then there are diamonds and pearls. As the most symbolic material carrier in the consumer society, they will also resonate with the audience. The work constructs crystal original stone space, jewelry city space, Red Sea ring space, wedding ceremony space, pearl illusion space and diamond falling space. Through the technical support of virtual reality, break the traditional jewelry scale and enter the constructed virtual space from different perspectives. The spatial layout reflects the sense of ceremony and symbolism. Continue the surrealism style to make virtual space.

Wang Tao
graduated from the jewelry design major of the Central Academy of fine arts with a bachelor’...