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L展区 于西 作品1
Location: 106-L-153

Violet Sea Illusion

“Violet Sea Illusion” is an interactive mapping work of sound and picture realized by digital media technology. “”Blue and purple”” is the imagination, is the sea in the dream. In ancient times, people’s understanding of “”distant sea”” originated from the dictation of navigators. With the rich imagination of listeners, “”deep sea”” was endowed with mysterious color and the right of imagination. However, in the era of electronic image flooding, people no longer believe in imagination in the virtual society controlled by the media, because the “”truth”” is too easy to obtain. People are used to get rational cognition from the Internet, but ignore the significance of personal experience; they are used to rational thinking to find the answer, but they ignore the meaningless beautiful moment in the fog. What I can do, in this crazy era, to modulate those virtual colors is that once imagination is transmitted in binary, it will inevitably become a luxury that is easy to devalue.

L展区 于西 肖像
Yu Xi
Master of digital media design, Nanjing University of Art