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Location: 106-L-152


In a society where modern production conditions are ubiquitous, life itself appears as a huge accumulation of spectacles, and everything that exists directly is transformed into a representation. This is the philosophical system of the society of the spectacle proposed by Guy Debor in 1967. Today, with the explosion of modern image information, spectacles have completely become the norm in reality. We try to use the absurd and humorous alienated spectacle drift reconstruction, to reproduce the surreal moments of daily enslavement by the spectacle, as a ticket to the 21st century situational international. We were born in the spectacle, loyal to the spectacle, and active supporters of the spectacle, and we absolutely cannot stop the torrent of social alienation alone and escape the overwhelming control of the spectacle. But we use 3D images as a medium, and build a small spectacle-like stage by creating a spectacle to form a socialized spectacle carnival. The surreal translation of daily life creates a new “contradictory” situation where the spectacle is opposed to the spectacle, which serves as an aid for people to regain independent thinking and control over their true desires.

Continuous tracks
「Continuous tracks」team is composed of members from the interdisciplinary and multi-directional...