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Small Goal

Small Goal (abbreviation: SG) aims to reflect the relationship between price and market value in financial markets.

The artist has set a price of 1 Yuan for the digital currency SG by trading “Small Goal” on the decentralized exchange called Uniswap, which initially shows 100 million assets in the wallets of users who have received 100 million SGs. When these users take any action on the 100 million, the 100 million will immediately go to zero.

The artist has modified the transfer function of the ERC20 contract by adding a switch. When the transfer restriction is on, any transfer by the holder will result in the destruction of all of their SG tokens. At the same time the artist restricts the transfer function of his proxy contract so that when the switch is on, the contract transfer function will be disabled, thus locking the transaction price.

The artist then establishes an SG-Ethereum transaction pair via Uniswap and completes the first transaction, setting its price to 1ETH = 1000SG, and then airdrops it to the crypto community.With a market price of 1ETH = 1000SG, the market value of 100 million SGs is 100,000 ETH, so when a user opens their wallet, they will see that their assets have increased by the equivalent of 100,000 ETH (over 100 million RMB), thus reached a “small goal”. Interestingly, after the pair was created, a Uniswap bot immediately purchased a large percentage of the SGs in the pool, pushing the price up to $3.89 per coin.

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