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Location: 106-L-100

Semi mechanical devil cat

Semi mechanical devil cat
Creation time: 2020
The devil cat is an alien from the future planet zc66. In 2666, the zombie Legion across the universe occupied his hometown and was infected with stiff poison. Because of its special constitution, it has the ability to swallow negative energy. In the process of escaping from the devil’s claw, the quantum shuttles through the time black hole to the earth of the meta universe. The devil cat semi mechanical robot is based on the shape of the devil cat and is intelligently combined by tens of thousands of superalloys and dark matter parts. The whole body exudes a sense of science fiction. Because the equipment for measuring its numerical parameters cannot be found, the combat effectiveness has always been unknown”

Yu Hi
Yu hi, born in Dashio, China, in 1985, graduated from Jilin Art Institute majoring in visual comm...