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Point Zéro 01
Location: L2-B-06

Point Zéro

The art gallery Point Zéro is largely inspired by Notre Dame. The artist CryptoZR realized this cyber-gothic work of art in Cryptovoxels. 

The name “Point Zéro” is taken from the monument Point Zéro located in the square of Notre Dame, the monument is used as the geographic marker of the starting point from which all distances from Paris are measured. It also acts symbolically as the center of French culture. 

In the virtual world, Point Zéro is located in the busiest part of Cryptovoxels (similar to the monument located in Paris). 

In the first annual Metaverse art@venice exhibition, Point Zéro will present a large-scale live solo exhibition of Liu Jiaying’s 13 artworks, “Small Goals 2.0” “Cookie Cookie 2.0“,it will be exhibited simultaneously in Venice and virtually in the metaverse.  * Point Zéro (Point Zéro Art Museum) is a joint project designed by architects Li Haiyang and Li Sirei; artists Yang Qilei and Shou Shengnan.

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Crypto ZR
CryptoZR (Liu Jiaying), previously served as Chief Product Designer of Global SNS in the internat...