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Location: L2-D-07


Non organic pan biological works are speculative about the way of existence of future organisms. The definition of future organisms created by imagination and deduction is in virtual reality through digital simulation. Rendering in pseudo space. Non organic pan organism is a fictional biological state of “superorganism”, which contains. There is a kind of vision of traditional creatures, which also inhabits the virtual world. They are overhead. Fictional, weightless, in an abstract dynamic way consistent with the logic of the physical world.The presence of non organic organisms. They are sticky like cell organisms and algae. The resurrection of prehistoric creatures is an accidental formation with a metaphor of colonialism and capitalism. The plastic and rock formed by plastiglomerate (plastic body) is also through generation. The result of digital operation of code.The future belongs to anamorphosis, which may be derived from the rational deduction of philosophy. In the virtual world´╝î The “creature” of is a kind of formless life, and its vitality comes to their creation. The evolving concept of nature and culture. Non organic pan organisms exist in. The nature of cultural construction has non-material attributes and new aesthetics related to science and technology. This biological form seems to have the possibility of becoming a new reality above the physical reality. Our definition of “biology” may therefore be facing challenges and replacement.