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Not Found Tokens

By taking advantage of NFT characteristics, the artist wants 100,000 people on the blockchain to own her work for a period of time, but not forever. This is a completely new concept.

The artist airdropped the art works to 100,000 users, however, something interesting happened when a total of 2050 pieces were airdropped, major NFT platforms, both OpenSea and Rarible, blacklisted the works contract, and users who received the works were unable to see the contents either on auction platforms or in the wallets if using Opensea SDK. In other words, the CryptoAds artworks were blocked by both OpenSea and Rarible without any explanation.

Since the content of an artwork can be manipulated, through the act of front-end blocking, or error 404, this act should be examined as a form of censorship. A platform that is supposed to provide services for crypto assets has shown behavior that goes against the ideology of the crypto community. Isn’t this act ironic to the supposed “decentralizing” block chain technology?

So the artist redefined her work in a smart way: she updated the name, details, links and images of NFT to those contents shown on the OpenSea 404 page, expanding the meaning of NFT to “Not Found Tokens” in English. However, along with the idea of Web3 (decentralized Internet) taking root in public and decentralized services keep growing, these once-blocked NFTs will reappear in decentralized media someday in the future. At that time, people will rediscover the “NFT” in their wallets and reflect on the core ideology of Crypto. This work has generated a lot of discussion within the community, prompting people to think over the right to confiscate the freedom of artistic creation from the front page, and the issues of blockchain decentralization being manipulated by central institutions, etc.

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