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Location: 106-L-147

nature in post-COVID (descendant of nature)

Project media:
NFT digital animation

Project description

During the time of post-COVID, which meta-verse is jumping out of the loop from our daily life, we activated two characters in our body. One is showing a deep desire for nature; the other one is re-creating a new identification in meta-verse for exploring life in the future.

The project indicates the most common mentalities among people nowadays, for instance ‘naturally growth’, ‘slacking off’, ‘involution’, and ‘do-it-later Buddhism’, using 3D model renderings, current site photos, live paintings, and so on.

Under the influence of NFT society and pandemic, It’s aiming to achieve the goal in which people could have resonance by realizing the interactions between digital world and reality. This resonance could be understood as the continuation of nature of post-COVID, which is the descendant of nature.

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