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Music Planet
Location: 106-H-04

Music Planet

VR Project
In collaboration with Dayou Art Platform 2022

VR can break through the limitations of physical time and space and bring new possibilities for artistic creation and experience. Music Planet is a collaborative project between us and Dayou Art Platform, trying to explore the possibilities of VR art language from the virtual reality experience of music.

HUIHUAN has created a new online audiovisual venue through a visual narrative of the rise and fall of civilizations on an alien planet. Although the live sound experience is irreplaceable, the use of technology to bring an experience beyond physical limitations can bring new possibilities for us to interact with the music scene in the era of epidemic. Music, as one of the carriers of culture, will continue to change and evolve with the entire human race, thus revealing a diversity of forms. HUIHUAN is an art studio in Beijing and Shanghai composed of Liu Dixian, Xiao Ning and Zhang Huairu. They try to find unique perspectives in the diverse relationship between history and reality, humanities and technology, nature and society, and combine various artistic methods and technologies to create.

Fei Jun
FEI, JUN Professor, Doctoral supervisor, Art + Technology program, School of Design, Central A...