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Location: 106-L-83


I depicted hundreds of silkworm moths in the picture, pink and white, with curved moth eyebrows, without enchanting and charming. In fact, the trajectory of human life is the same, and it is a short process from birth to death. But the life of silkworm is enviable calm and calm. In their world, they are content with their own world, have no extravagance, and have their own thinking and joy.
Describe such a “”worm”” posture in a calm state, explore this “”worm”” life mode, and also examine people’s life from the perspective of “”worm””. If you are a “”worm””, how do you understand people’s life. Just like “”people look at flowers, flowers look at people. People look at flowers, people go to flowers. Flowers look at people, people come to flowers””. This is a kind of looking at each other.

Gao Qian
1995 B.A. in Traditional Chinese Painting. School of Fine Arts Nanjing University of the Arts. ...