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Light of the soul series

Light of the Soul-NO.20》
Before numbness and indifference, only the rhythm of the life can fight with him. It is not enthusiastic to abandon life, just because we have not found the passion and interest in hidden in ordinary life.

《Light of the Soul-NO.01》
It is also a spring, and the dead winter day is full of vitality of the birth of life. Maybe in this stadium, the earth is not lonely, but the preciousness of life is indeed worthy of me praise.

《Light of the Soul-NO.06》
For a time, the spiritual light is now, it is difficult to cover the infinite passion.

《Light of the Soul-NO.14》
To the great prior! The wheels of human civilization are rolling forward because of their driving. This is not a tanks, more like a thorny land of the dark midnight, only a flame-hot heart, burning over the bumps, shining a thousand autumn.

《Light of the Soul-NO.15》
“Some people are passionate, some people are cold. They treat others like this. The indifference is not necessarily, only because they have never ignited the fire of the bright mind. Because of the love of the soul, because Most people feel that the hot fever. Even if they are injured, it is also difficult to cover. With this profound, like looking for lover, to pursue what you want to divergently, your soul fire Ignite!”

He Haixin
Very honored in the junior period I embarked on the magical road of art, but when it was ignorant...