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Location: 106-L-14

Jintian In Tianjin /Symmetry series

Jintian In Tianjin /Symmetry series

Specialty paper, spray lacquer, wood-board, metal

We may be ignoring that ourselves are
Hidden in a symmetrical body,
Living in a symmetrical house,
Living a symmetrical daily life
Expecting for symmetrical relationships.
We also wave hands
to symmetry our first meeting and farewell.

Symmetry could be a verb, as a brand new angle of view provided by artist.

The shape of the kite
mimics flying creatures,
Which is about the symmetry of nature.
And the relationship between kites and people,
Is a symmetrical game about control.
The pattern, structure and movement of kites are all symmetrical.
The beauty of symmetry is juxtaposed in density,
That we can’t even ignore.

Chen Fenwan
Chen FenwanBorn in 1990, Chen Fenwan graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and curren...