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Location: 106-L-50


My artworks are visually satisfying and conceptual at the same time. These are not as simple as “”East meets West””. The cartoon and game elements that span time and space and cultural appropriation are deconstructed, then re-structured, juxtaposed and superimposed layer by layer in my paintings. As a result, it became a picture that is full of Chinese young people’s sense of selves. Those young people, who grow up in a westernized environment with a globalized horizon in their minds, still have an oriental relationships with their families and friends, and an oriental sentiment in their bones. I wish to use my works as tunnels to empower the audience to draw connections between the physical and spiritual world.

INVINCIBLE: Riding the Wave and Wind
The “”tiger”” is a symbol of courage and boldness in classical Chinese culture. The artist reinterprets this classic auspicious animal with “”new trendy art language””: the white tiger represents the East, with a healthy and athletic body, cute and evocative, with surfboards on his feet and trendy clothes, blending with contemporary youth culture, and is the “”self epitome”” of contemporary young people who dare to fight. In classical Chinese culture, “”water”” means “”wealth””, and riding the wind and waves is “”the attitude of facing career and wealth with ease””, and is A good expectation and encouragement for everyone’s daily life and work. Spiritual encouragement.

YY has been selected for the Hurun Top 100 NFT Art and Design Collection; The artist sponsored by...