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Inside the door?-1
Location: 106-G-11

Inside the door?

Work Name:Inside the door?
Artists: Yong Liao, Yanting Huang
Work introduction: Digital Illustration, 2021
Pasting door gods during Spring Festival is a traditional habit of Chinese people engraved in their bones. The door god was regarded as a primitive belief in ancient China, but in contemporary Chinese society, people gradually formalize and entertain the door god. Any cultural behavior, once divorced from the original situation, will become an ornament that decorates the facade. Like likes on social media, it has become an invisible door through which humans constantly screen out so-called friends through virtual behavior. But will this door really open up new worlds for us?

Huang Yanting
Yanting Huang, illustrator, game and anime character designer. Acted as the main designer of inde...
Liao Yong
Yong Liao, interdisciplinary artist,teacher & designer. He received the master’s degre...