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快乐无敌系列71号作品 150x200cm 2012
Location: 106-L-39

Happiness incompatible series

Concerning another implication in Godwin Liu’s paintings, he has been constantly confronted with certain spiritual impacts, which forces him to express by paining. He cannot describe but present them in paintings. just as some enlightenments in history, Just beause they are not confirmed doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I think there is a passage between the real life and the symbolic life. There are many sensitive people who appear continualy in the history of art. This is the superstring phenomenon, which may seem hard to prove, but humans have been experiencing the superstring phenomena and experiences throughout history. In terms of art, they are incredible images and inspirations. This phenomenon can be seen from time to time among contemporary artists, but Godwin Liu feels at ease with art, as if he was moved and inspired by this superstring theory. In addi- tion, it is difficult to be explained in the form of art.

Happiness incompatible series 71 150x200cm 2012

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Happiness incompatible series 45 150x200cm 2012

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Godwin Liu
With a magical life practice, Godwin Liu has experienced all kinds of underclass life and bizarre...