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Location: L2-C-02

Future body: The Virtual Field

The work intends to actively investigate the virtual linkage between the body and the space, building with the data brought about by the negative body space, and to investigate the multiple interaction between the human body and digital materials. Furthermore, the artist also expanding the methods to provoke creative thinking by observing static body postures.

The work explores the interaction between human body and material in virtual space for the future. The artist uses diverse postures of the human body and the negative space occupied by the body is also visualized to secure accurate measurement data, so that the virtual space for the audience can be built with plastic manifold materials. In this visual space, 3D scanning offers the visual expression of the negative space which cannot be visually presented before.

“Particles” are placed by designers in the body space, and these “particles” together with the restrained human postures compose of a spontaneous endogenous system. This system keeps twisting, refracting, splitting, and extending in the virtual body space, building a “flowing nature” with the integration of the materials within it. Eventually its combination with the body creates a new wearing pattern. 

Cheng Zhilu
Zhilu Cheng works as an assistant professor at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. Besides, ...
Li Quan
Graduated from the Beijing Institute of fashion technology, majored in visual communication desig...