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Location: 106-L-20

ducks among the lilies

4 “Ducks among the Lilies”
We often miss the beauty in front of us and expect better in the future. At the beginning of the epidemic I found myself unable to focus on the beauty of natureā€¦
I felt as though my wings were injured, that I couldn’t fly and reach the broad sky; my body and mind are limited, which makes me sleepy and more sensitive. The longer the time, the more like a plant thirsting for water. It seems that all freedom and beauty are slowly approaching us yet one must wait patiently.
Soon, some of the daily life of creation and life made me feel comfortable; the brightness in the paintings is the perception of precious moments, ducks playing in the water, basking in the sun, reproducing new life, and injecting unexpected nourishment into my works.

Ye Lan
Yelan began studying ink and mineral color painting in middle school while also receiving a weste...