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Location: 106-L-154

Digital Fashion - Simulacra

Under the background of digital age, I consider the concept of digital technology intervening in jewelry design based on Baudrillard’s simulacra theory. Jewelry design is a kind of creation closely related to the body, which breaks through the physical existence and wearing mode of traditional jewelry in a digital virtual way. When the digital jewelry is worn on the real body, the boundary between reality and virtual is blurred, forming the simulation of “simulacra”. Applying digital technology to jewelry creation, creating a digital fashion with a special sense of reality, and inspiring the interdisciplinary practice between digital art and jewelry art.

Flowing colors and dancing jewelry. Based on the exploration of materials and dynamics, the author is fascinated by the experiment and uncertainty of digital virtual creation. The combination of three-dimensional or two-dimensional forms of digital jewelry and real space can produce virtual visual images that simulate reality and transcend reality. Flowing watercolors attach to the material to bring unexpected effects, forming visual illusion and sensory aesthetics, thus creating an experimental immersive experience to explore the surrealistic aesthetics, hoping to bring surprise and pleasure to the viewers.

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Yu Xuechun
Yu Xuechun, digital fashion artist.From 2014 to 2021, she graduated from Nanjing University of th...