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Location: 106-L-34

cold river series

Ink on the paper

This series of ink and wash works was created in 2012, which is a fresh attempt of ink and wash on paper, thus starting the creation of ink and wash on paper by the artist.
The image tells the story of the strange existence between heaven and earth, on the cold river, like man, like strange. The ogres are wrapped in the same emotions and consciousness as humans.
Although the work is close to the concrete, it shows the inner expression of the subconscious more. Although the traditional ink painting materials are used, it does not fall into the traditional ink painting style, but the temperament and charm is in harmony with traditional. The brushwork is natural and direct, thus touching the deeper level of human emotional expression.

Liu Ya
LiuYaBorn in 1984 in Shandong, ChinaArtist/producer/directorCentral Academy of Fine Arts, Printma...