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City of Black Tortoise
Location: 106-L-115

City of Black Tortoise

Future Myth – classics of mountains and seas”” — Xuanwu city. From the ancient tortoise in the east to the city of science fiction. On the turtle’s back, in the shape of Fusang tree, a huge city is built, at different levels and at different heights. The lowest level is the city of rules. Turtle’s back is like rules, which is the code of conduct of the city. A higher level will lead to a higher level. But being at the next top level will be the biggest challenge to reach the top level! Success will rise to the top, failure will return to the bottom with nothing. The highest floor, composed of the sun wheel, is the residence of the top immortals. It is recorded in the book of mountains and seas that Zhuanxu, the emperor of shaohaoru, abandoned his zither and Harp here. ´╝łThis work is presented in three ways: installation sculpture, static JPG and animation´╝ë

Chen Xiaodong
Chen Xiaodong, born in 1987. Once in a narrow escape highway tire burst, he saw the tire once he ...