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中国样式 Chinese Kailash_2019_亚麻布面综合材料Mix Media on linen
Location: 106-L-15

Chinese Kailash

Fansack,Starting from the proposition of art, science and spirituality, his works explore the possibility of Oriental Art, contemporary street art and trend art, and seek to create new artistic styles. On the one hand, his works are the imagination and search of internal spirit, on the other hand, the capture and collection of information in the external world. He combines the material and mysterious spiritual images in nature with various images and cultural symbols in contemporary society, The work presents a world that is sometimes romantic, sometimes far-reaching, sometimes interesting and sometimes secular. Artists hope to explore human nature, desire, divinity, subconsciousness, technology and other topics related to wisdom through their works.

Fan Sack
Fansack, contemporary urban artist, street artist, painter, started his art career since 2003, we...