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Location: L2-C-08

China' time-honored brand & Future Metaverse Design Project

China’ time-honored brand&Future Metaverse Design Project,By thinking about the dialogue between Chinese traditional cultural value accumulated by time-honored brands and the most cutting-edge topic of scientific and Technological Development.

   1.The four elephants are the Azure Loong, the White Tiger, the Vermilion Bird and the Xuanwu. The five elements are gold, wood, water, fire and earth. The series of virtual accessories is based on the concept of the Eastern Auspicious Animals, taking the Four emblematic Symbols, four colors and five elements of Chinese totem worship and astrological culture as design elements in a meta-cosmic environment to create a connection with the Auspicious Animals. In this day of rapidly developing digital platforms, the virtual accessories are used as a way to dialogue about digital technology and the future. The space in the four corners of the silk scarf are derive from the four directions, and the God of earth interacts with the player by ruling the four directions. We revel in the mythology of the ancient Eastern stars and reawaken the ancient soul through accessory redesign and interactive games.

   2.introduce the “concept of virtual light effect accessory design” in the metaverse, and express our accessory works through the transformation of light effects. The surrounding light effect forms a special accessory that is untouchable in real life. This work will shuttle between virtual and reality, through the scanning of physical objects to locate our virtual accessories works on people, completing the interaction between the metaverse and reality.

   3.Blind date in today’s society is generally full of derogatory impression, because the traditional blind date is often associated with marriage, forced, we think this traditional blind date way is too extreme, so we want to make a new blind date corner to hide the face and voice. Hide face only to find more soul mate, to make friends as the ultimate goal, let everyone here to make friends more free and unfettered.

Traditional Chinese dating festival: Lantern Festival, Dragon Heads- rising Day, Shangsi festival,General assembly of the same year of the four seasonal change will matchmaking event scene together, in this link after two people swap tokens to generate further interaction, we show  this Chinese style love of  “The mountain has trees and branches, and the heart pleases you. You don’t know” between the two through a token of the physical change.

   4.In YuanQu writer Wang Shifu’s Romance of the West Chamber, the protagonist Zhang Sheng changed into a mountain stone. When he thought he was looking for Cui Yingying, he did not know that he had strayed into parallel spacetimes. Here he completed the first “Metaverse” script narrative of Romance of the West Chamber .

In this script of the Metauniverse,a variety of space-time elements and characters randomly appear in a picture scroll, and the characters are no longer maleroles, femaleroles, painted-face and comic roles who follow the established procedures in Chinese opera, but any characters in the random script.The randomly generated beauty depicted in the picture is just as people in the real world can never predict the uncertainty of their future script.

Wang Wei
Dr. Wei Wang received his Ph.D. degree in Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2015. She was a post-do...
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