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海报bad girl
Location: 106-L-120

Bad girl series

Development history of msbad brand

In 2005, bad girl’s image creation was completed.
Bad girl brand Beijing store in 2006.
Bad girl Song Yang’s solo painting exhibition, arludik Gallery, Paris.
Bad girl art book + solo exhibition of Korea sky Gallery + release of record bad girl cube.
2010 Xiling cartoon art auction bad girl world 780000 transactions.
2011 Songyang bad girl ocean top 1300 square meter solo exhibition; Creation of msbad brand.
2012 Song Yang bad girl: plastic ice cream Japan + Hong Kong personal painting exhibition; Spring, summer, autumn and winter works were auctioned for 1.45 million.
2013 msbad space Today Art Museum Exhibition + Dubai Art Museum Collection + Wangfujing Yintai exclusive store
Cross border cooperation between Hu, Avis and avi
Li Ning, Nike, Hanwang, etc.

Song Yang
Song Yang ● Internationally renowned artist, curator, Song yang lived in France for eight an...