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2021.06.20 纸上蘸水笔 26X37CM TAZARA今昔 (坦赞铁路的今昔)
Location: 106-L-123

AYIIKA's paintings


TAZARA today. 45 years ago, a big group of Chinese construction workers and engineers came and built the famous TAZARA here in Tanzania. Some of them even devoted their young lives to the foreign land. Nowadays, there are still lots of Chinese workers constructing the country, but everything seems changed a lot.

One Moment in October. I have had an unforgetable October in Tanzania in 2021. I feel lucky to have some time here to see another world, to see people with different life styles.

Ayika( Liu Bing)
LIU BING , FEMALE, 1985.05.28 born in Beijing. 2004-2008 XI’AN ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS. CURREN...