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Aru's pet

ARU Limited Series
Extremely rare and limited editions!
ARU’s signature naive eyes are radiating happiness and charm.
Not only the card face is absolutely worth the collecting, the future added value are also highly anticipated!
Combining art and trend, the ARU Limited Series is only limited to three editions worldwide.
ARU Classic Series
Warning : Cuteness Overload!!
ARU’s pets makes their first appearance. The cute pet in Planet ARU will melt your heart with its loveliness.
How many cute pets are there in Planet ARU?
Let’s wait and see ☺
ARU Daydream Series
The bathtub has turned into the infinity swimming pool and water has become a glass of sparkling cocktail.
Chill out in any outfit like wearing a bikini.
Wander with ARU and be your happiest self in Planet ARU.
ARU Happy Daily Series
No matter how boring your work is or how tiring your life is, ARU will always be with you!
Beyond photos of the hotties on your phone screen, you need ARU’s company!
“Happy today, happier tomorrow!”” This is the daily life of Planet ARU!
ARU Mystery Box Series
ARU is an alien whose head and body are separated. Just like us, there is always an external form and an inner true self.
Remember to come back home to Planet ARU while you feel tired in the reality.
Let’s have fun together in Planet ARU Paradise!

Aru Meng
She is an actress and a singer, but without the gorgeous packaging, the real her is an artist nam...