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Location: 106-L-71

Andrew Kang's infant series

Alongside the rapid development of urbanization and globalization, the changes China has witnessed in its own process of internationalization have come at a particularly stunning pace. In this fast developing post-industrial age, we, surrounded by superfluous information and images, are becoming callous and fatigued, left with no choice but bewilderment, and left dubious of our surrounding realities.
It is due to this very sense of doubt that we stumble upon a sensitive point of excitement, prompting us to seek inspiration in this fanatical age of consumption.
Babies, the symbol of human purity, enter the world simple and unadulterated. When juxtaposed with prototypically contemporary symbols in a certain fragment of surreal narration, they may create a breakthrough in the preexisting notions of these symbols, thus creating a brand new meaning.
Moreover, I aim to portray the loneliness, rebellion, absurdity, and confidence of my generation, also known as the one-child generation.
Yet I would like to make clear that I do not intend to and would be incapable of creating a new type of artistic form. Instead, I am simply seeking a platform for artistic portrayal my doubts, and transmitting them in various channels.

Andrew Kang Can
Andrew Kang, an artist born in 1980s. Graduated from Sichuan academy of art, department of oil pa...