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120 defense battle04_web
Location: L2-B-09

YFII-120 United We Stand

United We Stand commemorating the rebirth of YFII (digital currency) after its being blocked by Balancer and MetaMask.

This is an unexpected event in the blockchain world in August 2020, YFII was blocked by Balancer and MetaMask blockchain institutions on 27 July, YFII was unblocked on 29 July, but the Chinese blockchain community held on to the price of 120 for a period from 4 August to 18 August 2020, and with the victory of the 120 defense, the value of YFII was gradually recognition.Act I: Facing a fierce smash
Act II: The community defends the market and holds on to 120
Act III: Successfully resisting the defense
Act IV: Value is recognized

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