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Xue Lei


New media project director,

Guest professor of Renmin University,

Professor of  ESCAC University of Barcelona,

Contemporary artist (residence: Germany and China),

Xue Lei was born in Qingdao, China. He studied with Prof. Urs Lüthi in the “Master Class” (Meisterschüler) of the Kunsthochschule Kassel, Germany, and graduated with an MA degree. In 2005, he received the Perron Art Prize of Frankenthal (Perron-Kunstpreisder Stadt Frankenthal [Pfalz]). In 2009, his work was selected for “Best Short Animation Films” in Germany. Since 2006, he has been continuously implementing public art projects with new media features in Germany and in China. Lei approaches art through the study of the society. He integrates art with scientific thinking and explores novel possibilities to establish public space in   Metaverse, which would enable communicative actions. He ventures simultaneously into fields like painting, porcelain installation, music animation, and new media public art. He was member of the organizing committee of The 1st Annual Metaverse Art Venice and now lives in Darmstadt (Germany) and Beijing.

Xue Lei’s works and critical reviews have been published on ArtforumNew York Times, and Fragiles: Porcelain, Glass and Ceramics (Die Gestalten Verlag, 2008). His works have been broadly collected by private collectors worldwide as well as institutions, including He Xiangning Art Museum (Shenzhen), the Zabludowicz Collection (London), Museum of Applied Arts (Vienna).

He directed and produced new media and interactive projects such as the Spring Festival Gala at Beijing TV, immersive theater in Huizhou, ancient city wall projection show in Xi’an, as well as new media projects in museums, headquarters.