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Wang Chienyang


Wang Chien-Yang is a visual and installation artist from Taiwan, also painter and photographer. Yang’s series of works, titled “ HOUSE”, invokes the otaku concept of “house,” which points to the residence that people take shelter in for their everyday lives and expresses the primal instinct of nesting. “HOUSE” represents a world phenomenon of our young generation in which the virtual world has invaded into every house through the Internet; on the other way round this technology also allow an infinite extension of imagination from the inside out. Yang turns house into a fantasy stage to express his subconsciousness. He constructs the theatrical gaming scene with numerous toys and tools. Nakedness is a symbol of his works, represents striping an individual back to a primal and natural state, adding sense of irrealism into “HOUSE”. He also combines the elements of animation and sweetness to presents his characters in an exaggerated “manga” style. Each work resembles a stop-motion manga that coupling with the theatrical sets to creates a youthful, playful sense of being. The joyful sweetness and illusionary set design aims to enable the audience to escape the reality, and enter into a surreal experience in a fantasy realm