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Sun Dongxu

Sun Dongxu
80’s young artist, human shape object creator, graduated from the Mural Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2008, living in Chengdu, China now.
The doll is famous by its vivid and delicate appearance, after three years of modification of the Elfishbabydoll, which was made in 2011, for now renamed (Jacoo Sun Doll). In 2008, she transformed the little girl in oil paintings and works on papers into a boll jointed movable doll “JSD elf doll”. In 2011, her new Elf Doll, Jacoo Sun Doll is born. In 6 years, she has created nearly 40 elf doll, which have been loved and sought really much by collectors. In 2015, Sun Dongxu was invited by Zhou Xun to attend the “One Night 敢爱敢行” charity event. Her two JSD elf doll were participated in the charity auctions, in total of 35000 yuan of auctions was donated.
Sun Dongxu started to create the Jacoo Sun’s elf doll in 2008, her original intention is to let more people in this world find their own “elf” who can be gentle with you at any time and any place. For many years, the Jacoo Sun elf doll has accompanied its creator and many of its owners to reach all corners of the world: climbing over mountains, diving into the deep sea, galloping across the desert, crossing the ice fields…nonstop. Both themselves and the dolls have left a unique mark in the process of understanding this world, follow your inner pursuit. More importantly, we want to pay tribute to those “Accompanies”, to those long poems left deeply in our souls.
The name of JACOO SUN comes from the English name of the author-Sun Dongxu-JACOO SUN, the original name of the ball jointed doll ELFISHBABY was changed in 2017. The ELFISHBABY was born in Guangzhou in 2008, later it was called the boll jointed doll. The first boll jointed doll was born in 2011, after 3 years of redesign and modification, it was released in 2014. In 2016 officially entered the Japanese, European and American markets.