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Qin Lingsen

Qin Lingsen was born in 1994.2017,BFA in Painting, Minzu University of China Currently lives and works in Beijing.
Since 2015, his series of solo exhibitions have been presented in the form of issue research. His areas of interest include post-human theory, ancient art, philosophy of science, and history.
Main solo exhibitions include: “”KUMP©”” (Art Xiamen Art Museum, Xiamen, 2021) , “”KUMP©”” (Jupiter Art Museum, Shenzhen, 2021) , “”Tangwu Rabbit”” (WK gallery, Beijing, 2021), “”Arrival “”(305 SPACE, Beijing, 2017), “”1229″” (Moshang Experiment, Beijing, 2017), “”The Personification of Steroids”” (F·SPACE, Beijing, 2017), “”Sen Luo Vientiane”” (de Sarthe Gallery, Beijing , 2017), “”Event Horizon”” (Zhong Gallery, Beijing, 2016), etc.

His creations have been widely exhibited in well-known art galleries and art institutions in domestic cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, etc. He has also participated in many overseas projects: “”It’s Impossible”” (Today Art Museum, Beijing , 2020), “”China Art Yearbook 2017″” (Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing, 2018), “”Searching for Utopia”” (Berlin Public Space Art Center/Bersdorf Park Berlin/Stark Fund Berlin, Berlin, 2017), etc. .

As a cutting-edge artist, he also crosses the field of trends and actively promotes experimental pioneering practices. The display form and space of his works are no longer limited to traditional paradigms. The main projects include: “”Emergency Landing”” (Jupiter Art Museum, Shenzhen, 2020), “”FAS Trend Art Exhibition”” (Song Art Museum, Beijing, 2020), “”ZERO PARTY”” (Modern Sky, Beijing, 2019), etc.