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Luo Hui

Luo Hui
Born in Guangdong, China, now lives in Beijing.
Graduated from the oil painting department of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts
The 9th National Art Exhibition, Guangzhou, China
Year 2000
New century contemporary Chinese youth oil painting exhibition, Guangzhou, China
Lovely exhibition, Beijing Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing, China
Guangdong contemporary oil painting art exhibition, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou, China
New power of Chinese oil painting, Guangzhou, China
Present and past · Chinese youth oil painting exhibition, Guangzhou, Beijing.
Dazzle art exhibition, Guangzhou, China
“”Sale”” joint exhibition, Beijing Hanmo Gallery, Beijing, China
China contemporary art exhibition, USA
From the perspective of new humanity, excellent artists born in the 1970s, Oil Painting Invitation Exhibition, Guangzhou, China
two thousand and three
Play or not, Beijing Tokyo Art Project / Tokyo Gallery, Beijing, China
Love paradise – New Aesthetics in the animation era, China Tour Exhibition
Mahjong Sigg collection exhibition, polney Art Museum, Switzerland
China International Gallery Expo, Beijing Tokyo Art Project / Tokyo Gallery, Beijing, China
Good – Chen Fei, Luo Hui works exhibition, Beijing Tokyo Art Project / Tokyo Gallery, Beijing, China
New power, China, Shanghai Yuangong Art Museum, China
Australian International Art Fair, Beijing Tokyo Art Project / Tokyo Gallery, Australia
Emotion and form, Beijing, China
Milan International Art Museum, Beijing Tokyo Art Project / Tokyo Gallery, Italy
Arco International Expo, Beijing Tokyo Art Project / Tokyo Gallery, Madrid, Spain
Virtual love, Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Pan Amsterdam, Amsterdam exhibition, cooperation with Willem kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Animanga exhibition, craiguer art house, Paris, France / moberge, France
Amsterdam Art, Amsterdam Art Fair, Netherlands, in cooperation with Willem kerrsboom Gallery, Amsterdam Netherlands
Cruel delights, William keshbum Gallery, amschudan, Netherlands
Animation aesthetics hyperlink, Moon River Cultural Industrial Park, Beijing, China
Chen Fei & Luo Hui new work exhibition, art Scola Gallery, Shanghai, China
3l4d animation aesthetics in the new century, National Father memorial hall, Taiwan, China
Animation aesthetics Biennale: from now to eternity, Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, China,
Hot: the rise of modern art in Asia, Houston Art Museum, Texas, USA
New @ modern art in Asia, Zaim Art Museum, Yokohama, Japan
Tokyo Gallery Expo, Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, Tokyo, Japan
Export – International Art Festival, France
Window of China, ArKO. Art Center, Seoul, Korea
The first today literature exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Animation aesthetics, Lin Da Gallery, Beijing, China
798 Art Festival, 798 Art District, Beijing
Silly game, sky Gallery, Beijing / Seoul, Korea
Nanjing triennial, Nanjing, China
All over the world, Lin Da Gallery, Shanghai, China
Cruel delights Chen Fei & Luo Hui works exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Art Basel, Switzerland
Cartoon elsewhere – Asian contemporary art and wood exhibition, elsewhere Gallery, Beijing, China
“”Biochemical – between virtual and real”” animation aesthetics Biennale, Beijing Jinmu Art Museum.
“”Visual assault, animation special attack”” animation aesthetics Biennale, Taipei Contemporary Art Museum.
Animation aesthetics, National Art Museum of Indonesia. Singapore Meimu Museum.
The first cross-strait Chinese character art festival, Beijing Today Art Museum
Dazzle – new era animation aesthetics exhibition, Guangdong Art Museum.
Surreal pop exhibition, Beijing Yue Art Museum
Venice Biennale, Italy
“”Future pass”” tour exhibition, world wood art museum, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Taiwan Provincial Art Museum, Beijing Today Art Museum.
Made in China · Luciano Benetton Milan, Italy