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Liu Yi

Liu Yi

Artist, Associate Professor, Public art curator

Researcher of Institute for Public Art (IPA), director of Shanghai Designer Association. Liu Yi is the founder of 61CREATIVE studio.Former course leader for Public Art Department in Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (SIVA). External experts of Product Design College of Shanghai Arts & Design Academy. Visiting professor of the School of Art and Design, Ji Mei University.

Liu Yi’s practice explores the relationships between body and space, spirits and materials, individual and public, presence and absence of culture. The unique style of combining classic figure with contemporary colors, presented in the daily digital drawing on his smart phone, has interpreted not only artist’s curiosity and mythological imagination of life, but also his personal memories and experiences. The drawings, which seemed like children’s doodling, have shared overwhelming empathy with the audiences since the works reflected vivid life experiences. Meanwhile, Liu Yi has also taken his interest in creating narratives lying between digital media, materiality and subject. Thus, his artistic practice has taken place in both graphic and spatial ways based on daily life and social scenery.

Liu Yi served as Charm of Harmony Creative Photography Competition Young Artist Academic Award in 2005.Executive Director of the Ding Yi’s sculpture design project at Shanghai EXPO Centre in 2010.Consultant of NOTCH Nordic and China Art Festival and executive curator of “Shanghai: Re-design” of Design Shanghai 2013. Curator of “ Lumiéres China” XINTIANDI Light Festival 2015. Curator of “”Design Fuelling Station”” and “”Local Design Beat’””in Shanghai Art & Design. Shanghai Project public art project researcher 2016. Germany Anhalt University of Applied Sciences “”Historical Heritage and Public Art”” Workshop mentor 2017. In 2017, Shanghai student design art competition judges.2017 “”Art implanted medical space professional education model practice in exploration”” won the Second Prize of Shanghai-level Teaching Achievement Award.2018 Germany BASF Material innovation workshop mentor.2018 ABTEILUNG KULTUR UND BILDUNG Generalkonsulat der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 《Bauhaus Class 2.0》mentor.2018 Japan npo S-AIR resident invited artist.