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Jixuan Chen


2015~2018: BA graduated from UAL “Wimbledon College of Art” (Fine Art). London/UK
2014~2015: Foundation graduated from “Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts” (Fine Art). Cambridge/UK
2011~2013: Chines painting training in “The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art” (Fine Art). Guangzhou/ China

2021: The First price of 《New Comer》hold by “Fourtry”. Shanghai/China
2021: The Favorite Award of《China Joy20th -looking the one》hold by “China Joy”. Shanghai/China
2021; The Rising Award of 《Rising Start 8th 》hold by “Tree Museum ”.Beijing/China
2018: The Shortlist 200 of 《BP Award》hold by “National Portrait Gallery”. London/UK
2014: Get Selected 《Jingling Wenmai》hold by “Jingling Museum”.Nanjing/China
2013: Get Selected《The School illustration 2 th》. Beijing/China

Ground Exhibition:
2022.04:“The 1st Annual Metaverse Art”-Venice Arsenale。 Venice/Italy
2022.02: “The Portrait Artists of Years”- Compton Verney Gallery。 Campton/UK
2021.11:“Chao Metaverse Art”- M50 Zhengnan Gallery。 Shanghai/China
2021.09:“Guochao in Now”- Beijing Design Week。 Beijing/China
2021.04:“Rising Start 8th ”- Tree Museum。 Beijing/China
2019.03:“MFCS.Time2” – Shanghai Fashion Art Week, ISIS Fashion Space。Shanghai/China
2019.03:“L’AGE D’OR”- Art Chapel Gallery。 Amsterdam/Nederland
2018.11:“Modern Panic”- Guerrilla Zoo Gallery。 London/UK
2018.10:“Rising Stars”- Coombe Gallery。London/UK
2017.12:“Briser les frontières”- Joseph Gallery。 Paris/France
2017.10:“Dialogue- London”- Chinese Embassy Education Section in London 。 London/UK
2017.06:“Parallel Existence”- Bloomsbury Gallery。 London/UK
2017.04:“Becha” – Blue palace Gaery。 St. Petersburg/ Russia
2017.03:“Remaequable”- Anaglifos Art Factory Gallery。 Barceona/Spain
2016.09:“KOPA KOKA” – Malpils Kulturas – Art Centre。 Riga/Latvia
2016.07;“Bridge-Crossing&Conversation”- Totem Il C anale Gallery。 Venice/Itally
2016.06:“Line of Edge”-Art in gallery Gallery。 Tokyo/Japan
2016.04:“Moment”-Coningsby Gallery。 London/UK
2016.02:“Intimate.Projection”-Menier Gallery。 London/UK
2021: Invited by “Tik Tok China”for “Tik Tok Festival”. Shanghai/China
2021: Invited by “KUKA”to do an artist special online show. Hangzhou/China
2021: Invited by “Manggo TV”do to scroll painting of 5 famous Chinese celebrities to show on Cannes Tv Festival. Cannes/France
2021: Invited by “Medium 360”and“Manggo TV” to record a TV program. Changsha/China
2021:《Rouge Cat》get collected by “UAL Collection Team”, it becomes the permanent Collection of UAL. London/UK
2021: Invited by “SKY ART “to record a TV show “Portrait Artists of The Year”. London/UK
2021: Collaboration with“ Rosemary Jeboo”to do inllustrations for the children story book 《The Moon Magic of Ray’s Antlers》. London/UK
2021: Participated Artist Residency“KOPA KOPA”. Riga/Latvia
2021:《Mother》get published in a literature magazine 《Yanhe》. Shanxi/China
2021:《Flower》auctioned for Charity purpose. Shanxi/China