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Jewel Jiang


– Art Creator / Creative Industry Doctor(PHD)
– Associate Professor / Master supervisor of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts / deputy director of mobile media art department
– Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from Nanjing University of The Arts

PHD Doctor graduated from Shih Chien University (USC)
– Visiting scholar of German ZKM Karlsruhe / Harley Academy of Fine Arts
– Project leader of national art foundation and project leader of Humanities and Social Sciences youth fund of the Ministry of Education
– Member of film and Television International Communication Committee of China University film and Television Society
– Selected into “”Tianjin 131 talent project””
– Committed to the narrative creation of light, shadow and space, and the research on the integration and communication of culture and media.

Combine virtual reality with avant-garde thought, and express the innovation of art and culture in a broader spatial context. Supported by the National Art Fund and the humanities and social sciences fund of the Ministry of education, and under the guidance of the Dunhuang Research Institute, the immersion image exhibition of “”Hall of amazing Hong – meeting the oldest Grottoes in Mogao Grottoes”” and the “”time and space travel”” of the exhibition work “”Oriental memory – old photos meet new gardens”” of the United Nations “”Chinese day”” in Suzhou gardens; The light show of “”salute the climber””, an aesthetic hero story narrated by the track in the 257 meter water tower, served as the creation of a number of national topics such as the key project of the Ministry of science and technology of China, “”Nirvana of a vibrant Chengdu City – immersive light and shadow mapping””, always focusing on the art enabled by science and technology, creating a deep infiltration of contemporary aesthetics through innovative media, and realizing the deduction and dissemination of avant-garde art to the public.”