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Heather Wong


Heather Wong is a post-95 young visual artist. Her work style is centered in “extreme romantic aestheticism”. A closer look at the abundance of light and texture in her works, reveals the superposition of thematic legends and fantasies. The style reflects the fuzziness of dreams and reality, the silent poetry that breathes in subtle and multi-level colors. It flows with exquisite and unique neoclassical charm. In her wonderful and absurd dream space, reality is constructed, and all things are endowed with soul and humanity, referred to as a graceful “déjà vu” She juxtaposes surreal original images with dreamlike elements. Combining magic realism with folk stories, history and contemporary pop culture. Creating a pure world full of mystery, magic, and color in a new art space. Duende Photos Pioneer Art Space is a fashion professional image aesthetics platform located in Shanghai, dedicated to building brand strategy output, overall visual planning and image services.