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Gao Xiaowu


Gao Xiaowu was born in Fujian Province, China in 1976, and graduated from Xia Men Art Academy majored in sculpture in 1999. He graduated from the sculpture department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2004. And he lives and works in Beijing ever since.

His artistic notion is “”the moment that is””. He practiced a kind of “”popular art””, believing that art belongs to the common people. Gao Xiaowu’s works mostly reveal metaphorical and non-extreme rational thinking in a humorous, gentle and non-hostile way, expressing his concern, criticism and reflection on society. His early works include such series as Standard Age, City Dreams, Our Generation, Soft Violence and Discrepancy. His recent series of works, such as the Rebirth and the Shared Environment, focus on “everyday” phenomena, in which the artist invites the public with an equal mindset, “to awake the primitive nature through rebirth”, and “human beings and nature coexist in harmony”. He uses a variety of ingenious creative means from the heart, and communicates with the public in a flexible and individualized way, trying to maximize the effectiveness of art in society.

Gao Xiaowu’s work has been selected for the 9th National Art Exhibition (China, 19999), and he was awarded the Hurun Special Contribution for Art 2014. He was the Cultural Ambassadors of the inaugural Chinese Culture Week (CCW) in Singapore, and awarded the Robb Report China’s the Artists in 2017 and the Trends Home Magazine’s 2019 Man of the Year.