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Daheng Liu


Daheng Liu was born in Yantai, China, in January 1993. He graduated from Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, London College of Fashion (UAL) with Masters in Costume Design for Performance, and the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts with a Bachelor in Character Design. He has worked and studied in Belgium, the UK, and the USA for four years and as a costume designer, visual artist, and body artist for various theatres and performance companies.

Daheng Liu focuses on constructing multi-dimensional sensory worlds through various approaches such as sound, costume, and mixed media. He explores the extension of bodily perception and the visualisation of consciousness through various intelligent materials. As a costume designer, the production “No Boat” was selected for the Beijing Youth Theatre Festival 2021. “Painted Skin. Return” was chosen for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and PQ Prague 2019; “Vienna – The Rite of Spring” was selected for the 2nd Wuzhen Theatre Festival in 2014; “Valkyrie” was selected for the World of WearableArt 2018. “Bloody Mary” won the Excellence Award in the 2015 Beijing Character designing Competition; Design works “Spoon” and “Planetarium” showed at the National Ballet Theatre, Belgium. “Winter’s Tale” showed at the Tower Theatre, London. “Flesh Reflection exhibited at Ming Contemporary Art Museum in Shanghai, the 3rd Anren Biennale in Chengdu, Beyond the Anthropocene in Beijing. “The Butterfly Lovers” exhibited at OXO Tower Wharf in London, UK. “Conscious Creature” exhibited at Leonhards Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium.