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Chen Xiaodong

Chen Xiaodong, born in 1987. Once in a narrow escape highway tire burst, he saw the tire once he ever knew broken into all shape. Meanwhile, his studio was demolished, the tin roof ,once as a shelter , now just like a twisted cloth by the hit of excavator. All the comings subvert his innate knowledge. From then on, his workpiece once learning by western culture turn to create about eastern culture. He used scrap tires restructuring body of the heroes fo childhood, the tin as the armor cloak. Through regenerate waste , all the works carry the memory of the past, but in a traditional eastern way, just like the workpiece: Five tiger general. In 2009, the graduation creation “east travel”, combine digital art, sculpture and photography, as a famous work, star his artistic journey. In 2010, After six months of drifting Beijing, he created a sculpture—a rock & roll monk of Ji Gong. In the meantime, it was 360 vs. tencent. The handheld words of Ji Gong : “Never ever been too tencent .” became the top 10 internet catchphrases at that time. The first successful combination of art and internet events.