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Chen Liang

1982 Born in Zhengzhou, Henan Province,China
2004 Graduated from the Oil Painting Department,Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts Degree

2011 Graduated from the Free Painting and Printmaking Department, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Master’s Degree in Fine Arts Awarded the title of “Meisterschüler”
Now teaching at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing 

Solo Exhibition
2016 [Boundary Line], Bridge Gallery, Beijing, China
2015 [White Light Night Fire], Bridge Gallery, Beijing, Shenzhen, China

[“Style and Future” China-Europe Contemporary Contemporary Artists Exhibition], HE Art Museum, Wuhan
[“Style and Future” Sino-European Contemporary Abstract Artists Exhibition], Box Art Museum, Shunde
[ ART CENTRAL ], Waterfront Activity Center, Hong Kong
[Polymer 2018 – Bridge House Art Exhibition] Bridge House Gallery, Beijing, Shenzhen, China
[ ART CENTRAL ], Waterfront Activity Center, Hong Kong
[Everyday], Zhuzhong Art Museum, Beijing
[Dialogue], Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Germany
[Art Taipei], Agricultural Exhibition Center, Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan, China
[“Complementarity and Agreement” – Exhibition of Chinese Artists Studying in China], Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China [ ART CENTRAL ], Waterfront Activity Center, Hong Kong
[Limit,Boundary Line-An Desheng&Chen Liang, Double Solo Exhibition],Bridge Gallery,Beijing
[Art Shenzhen Art Fair], Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Beijing
[Art Beijing],Agricultural Exhibition Center Of China,Beijing,China
[Contemporary art exhibition of “dialogue between art and space”] Beijing,China