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Chen Fei

Chen Fei
1972 Born in Guangdong province,China. Presently works and lives in Beijing & Guangzhou
1998 Graduated MA from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Oil Painting, Guan gDong, China
1994 Graduated from GuangDong XiJiang University, Department of Oil Painting, Guangdong, China
2015 Eat.Substance,SZ Art Center.Beijing
2014 Latent walking.Doujiao Art Museum Beijing
2013 .Dusseldorf,Germany
2012 “”Future Pass”” traveling exhibition, Werelgmuseum Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Taiwan M useum of Art, Beijing Today Art Museum.
Mage in China – Luciano Benetton in Milan, Italy
2011 Surrealist Pop, YueJkrt Gallery, Beijing, China
54Esposizione Intemazionale d’Anc, Italy
2010 The First Cross-Strait Chinese Character Art Festival, Today Arts Museum, Beijing, China Dazzled and Enchanted-New Age Animamix, Guangdong Arts Museum, Guangzhou, C hina
The Big Bang, Contemporary Chinese Art From The White Rabbit Collection, the white rabbit Art Museum, Australia
2009 EnlivenMn Between Realities and Fiction-Animamix Biennial Today Arts Museum, Beijing, China
Animamix BienniakVisual Attract & Attack, Taipei Fine Arts Meseum
100 Tales in Animamix, Indonesia Museum, Singapore Arts Museum
2008 100 Tales in Animamix, Linda Gruery, Beijing, China
2008 Beijing 798 Art Festival, Beijing, China
Game of acting the fooLGallery TN,Beijing China;Seoul,Korea Beyong Cartoon
3rd Nanjing TrienniaLNanjing.China
Surfing Animamax,Linda Gallery, Shanghai .China
Visual Desireand Violence, Beijing Tokyo Art
Cruel Delights- Works by Chenfei & Luohui,Amsterdam,Holland
Basel Art FaicBaseLSwitzerland
Beyong CartoonAsian Contemporary Art Group Show,Beyond Art Space,Beijing.China
2007 Animamix Hyperlink Exhibition,Moon River Cultural Creative Industry Zone, Beijing, Chin
Chen Fei & Luo Hui-Recent Paintings&Animation.A Story Gallery, Seoul, Korea Sweet Honey-Chen Fei’s Solo Exhibition,Gallery Art Scola,Shanghai,China 弘 Life 如 Dimension, XunZhongShang Memorial Museum Taiwan,China Animamix:From Modernity to Eternity, MOCA Shanghai, China
Red Hot: Contemporary Asian Art Rising, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX, US A
Art Lan回Asia. ZAIM Museum, Yokohama, Japan
Artfair Tokyo, TokyoGallery^BTAP, Tokyo, Japan
Exit-International Art Festival, Creteil, France
China Gate, ARKO Art Cente, Seoul, Korea
2006 Cuteness- Works by Chenfei and Luohui, Beijing Tokyo Art Projects/TOKYO GALLERY
Beijing, China
PingYao International Festival of Photography. PingYao, China
New Power. China, Shanghai, China
Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne, Australia. Beijing Tokyo Art Projects/TOKYO GAL LERY
Feeling And Form , Beijing, China
MiArt 2006 International Art Fair, Beijing Tokyo Art Projects/TOKYO GALLERY, Milan. I taly
The Irst Beijing Exhibition of Contemporary Artists,
Beijing. China
Fiction@Love. MOCA Shanghai, China
2005 Modern Chinese Art Exhibition, Brussels International Art Fair, Belgium
Paradiso d^ore-Neo-Aesthetics of Animamic Age,Traveling exhibition, Chi
Mahjong -Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection, Kunstmuseum
Bern, Bern, Switzerland
CIGE International Art Fair, Beijing, Beijing Tokyo Art Projects/TOKYO GALLERY
2003 Play Not Play .Beijing Tokyo Art Projects, Beijing, China
2002 Dazzle, Guangzhou, China
Liquidation:Deep Waters Fish, Beijing China
2001 Four Chambers,!wo Halls, Beijing, China
Nine Buildings Vision Art Exhibition, Zhengzhou, Henan, China
2000 Past and Present China Youth Oil Paintings Exhibition, Guangzhou,China
New Century Guangdong Oil Paintings. Guangzhou. China
Luo Hui and Chen Fei Joint Exhibition, ShenZhen, China
1999 The 9th All China Art Exhibition.Guangzhou,China
Be Collected By
Guangdong Art Museum,
Houston Museum of Fine Arts, USA
white rabbit Art Museum, Australia
SKIRA Luciano Benetton, Italy
M+ Mseum.Hong Kong