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Chang Wei

Professor of Animation, Department of New Media, Beijing Institute of Fashion, Director of School of Fashion Art and Engineering, Director of China Textile and Clothing Education Society, Director of Animation and Digital Media Art Professional Committee of China Higher Education Film and Television Society, Key member of Beijing Innovation Team of Digital Fashion and Spatial Vision (Beijing-level innovation team), main research interests are digital application of clothing and apparel, animation in physical space and digital space. He has published papers and research results related to digital fashion in international journals and conferences, and continues to promote the development of digital fashion creative applications and discipline construction, with the main academic views that the human body is moving towards the virtual world; that the resonance of phenomena related to the human virtual body will continue to increase; and that fashion is most likely to help push the human body from carbon-based to silicon-based on a large scale. Image into the show for fashion trend release, has hosted the completion of a number of China’s top ten fashion designers in China International Fashion Week, the United States of America, New York International Fashion Week, the release of multimedia content creation, 2015 earlier led a team of students and faculty to complete the VR virtual fashion show based on real clothing products and fabric material simulation, and released the “virtual fashion show manifesto”, put forward the premise of using things without things virtualization point of view.