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Li Qiuqiu was born in the late 1970s, due to family influence, he had a strong interest in painting since childhood. Painting, as a hobby, has given him a fulfilled and happy childhood. As a teenager, he fell in love with skateboarding, something that has had a strong influence on his artistic creation for years to come.
After graduating from design school, Li Qiuqiu entered an animation company and became an exceptional animation director at the age of 23. Amidst a heavy workload, he did not give up the pursuit of his art.

Graffiti art was a pure coincidence between him and skateboarding. How tall walls can be used as canvases fascinated him. This new idea made a mere canvas or a computer screen, unable to have a wide enough space for Li Qiuqiu to freely play out his visions and ideas. It was on these huge “”canvases””, Li Qiuqiu found his medium of expression, upon which he could materialize all his ideas, attracting him back to becoming a full-time artist.

The charm and performance-nature of graffiti art gradually attracted the attention of commerce and media. In 2001, Li Qiuqiu quits his job and established a personal studio, co-founding with his partners the first professional skateboard brand in China, “”Society Skateboards””, as well as the indie and original streetwear brand ‘Monkey Style’. During which time, Li Qiuqiu completed a large number of graphic artworks, improvised graffiti artworks, and the designing of merchandise for ‘Society Skateboards’. Beyond the city borders of Beijing’s street cultural scene, ‘Society Skateboards’ has been attracting a large number of fans outside of China, becoming a talked-about street art brand overseas. In 2003, Li Qiuqiu was invited to take part in the debut “”Get It Louder””, a two-month art event held in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen simultaneously, exhibiting the then young generation of cross-disciplinary artists. Since then, Li Qiuqiu has devoted himself to artistic creation full time.