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Translation·Connection:Shaun Hu Solo Exhibition 

“Translation·Connection: Shaun Hu Solo Exhibition” shows six representative new media artworks of Shaun Hu in recent years. As a new media artist of the new generation, Shaun Hu’s works are closely integrated with technology. He is expert in capturing interesting points in nature and society, and combining technology to express in his unique artistic language, evoking new sensory experiences between the transitions of different media. “Translation” and “Connection” are two keywords in Shaun Hu’s works. Translation, which refers to translating according to another language, is also the process by which organisms synthesize proteins from transcribed genetic information. In the works in this exhibition, from biology, network to blockchain and NFT, we can see Shaun Hu’s “translation” of different types of data. 
“Connection” refers to the transfer of parameters and commands between the modules of the program to form an executable whole. Shaun Hu’s works show a strong “connectivity”. He uses the translation of data to connect online and offline, organic and inorganic, and build many unique connections.

CG Short Film, 2021