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"Grow up together " Metaverse Party

“和孩子一起”元宇宙Party|首届威尼斯元宇宙艺术年度展 Time:2022.6.1 15:30 live streaming扫码进入直播间 Scan the code to enter the live room 当六一国际儿童节遇见第一届威尼斯元宇宙艺术年度展。在威尼斯军械库区106D-01,我们亲子美学项目即将“和孩子一起”进入元宇宙。 “心向往之,甘之若饴”。元宇宙...
2022-05-24 03:24:30

Translation·Connection:Shaun Hu Solo Exhibition 

“Translation·Connection: Shaun Hu Solo Exhibition” shows six representative new media artworks of Shaun Hu in recent years. As a new media artist of the new generation, Shaun Hu’s works are closely integrated with technology. He is expert in capturing interesting points in natur...
2022-05-22 06:03:55
Digital Twin-Virtual Parallel Exhibition_web

Digital Twin-Virtual Parallel Exhibition @Voxels

2022.5.18 OPENING CEREMONYThe second stop of , jointly launched by Victoria Lu and Modernland will land in「Voxels」, one of the most influential metaverse platforms. 📅 2022.5.18.19:00-21:00👁‍🗨 Livestreaming Platform:「MODERNLAND」WeChatVideoART FASHION MUSIC, the special opening program gets ...
2022-05-11 09:04:02
Exhibition Decentraland-CLOSING EVENT_web

Digital Twin-Virtual Parallel Exhibition@Decentraland

CLOSING EVENT🕹 META-CRUISE TOUR 📅 2022.5.15 19:00👁‍🗨Livestreaming Platform:「MODERNLAND」WechatVideo🎙Host:MODERNLAND 🎙️Guide:DigiFunTake Crypto Valley Art Gallery as the starting and ending point of the tour, pass through the representative places of fashion and art in the other 5 METAVERSE, an...
2022-05-08 09:27:01
meme tuestday meeting_web


Along with the two founders Victoria Lu and CryptoZR to enter the world of “Genki” METAVERSE Art. To experience the excellent artworks of CryptoZR, and understand the thinking behind the Vencie Biennale on cypto arts. Click to enter:
2022-05-02 08:09:38